Logo Design/ UI & UX Design

Ranger by Products has its beginnings in the aquaculture industry. Today, this company not only manufactures aquafeeds but also specializes on diets for animal needs during their productive stages.

The work done for RBP includes redesign of company logo, App design and various logo designs for their products. The primary branding colors of the logo company are black and white. Black because it has a bold, powerful effect that portrays a high quality company and white transmits simplicity and purity and it’s brightness immediately catches the eye. The primary font used for the logo has a sophisticated and bold style, while the secondary font is light and modern which helps to give a nice contrast between the two fonts.

The Sales Order Control App helps with managing and updating information about the products in the warehouse, as well as the product that leaves the factory. The App also has a product catalogue, GPS, voice memos, scan document tool and a client follow up list.

  • Date: Oct-2020
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