Packaging / Branding/ Illustration

Elixir De Los Dioses (Elixir of the Gods) is a design beverage project inspired by the Mexican Zapotec culture. The Pre-hispanic legend of Oaxaca people tells that the  gods gave them the gift of the sacred elixir; Mezcal. The design direction for the project is intended to target young adults.

The logo design is a handwritten word mark that aims to transmit the traditional cultural values and production of mezcal. The hand drawn imagery for the project is inspired in the Pre-hispanic gods of the Mexican Zapotec culture. The illustrations have a colorful palette that project energy, freedom, happiness, celebration, freshness and joy.

The label design includes, Pre-hispanic glyphs, the number of distillations and signature of the family that produced the product. All the elements give a unique character to the brand.

  • Date: Oct-2020
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